Here at Becon Precision we supply a wide array of industries with parts and components, precision is key. 


We can machine a broad range of materials including, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Nitronics, Plastics, and much more.


We are experienced in the assembly of products machined in house or as supplied parts.

Design & Prototypes

We can design and prototype idea's for you using a vast range of skills, knowledge and equipment.

Plating / Painting /Silk-Screening 

Various types of plating are available, which include:- Alocrom, Anodising, Hard Anodising, Chromium, Surtec and Nickel. We also offer a painting and

silk-screening service.

Engraving / Part Marking

We can part mark a range of materials including, Steels, Brass and Plastics. We also offer this as a service to externally made parts.


We can also modify existing parts to suit your needs.

Other Services

Other services including, heat treatment, electron beam welding and much more.

Not listed here?

Please telephone or email us to discuss your requirements as we'll be happy to help.